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These are just a few of the things that I'm not only passionate about, but are topics that need to be talked about, education provided, and consulted on  more and I'm the gal that can do it. 

As a provider I have found having someone who has already been there and done it can be so helpful.  I also found myself in a really unique position when I was just starting out and that was nobody was really doing what I wanted to do.  So I had to be creative and innovative but good news is you don't have to because I've already done it.

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Yoga therapies. Eating disorder recovery. Mental health. Burnout. Mind body connection.

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Angela Prior


I’m Angela Prior - a Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Supervisor, Experienced- Registered Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider.

I’m a helper, a healer, and a creative at heart who really just wants to have a little fun along the way.

I’ve been doing this work for over 13 years and something I’ve learned along the way is feelings are messy and hard, and when we embrace those feelings we were trying to not feel in the first place is when we actually can begin to move through them and let go.

Our bodies are full of wisdom of how to feel if we can get out of our own ways. Yoga can help us be grounded and get quiet to listen to that wisdom. Because when we can feel, we get to be.


Consultation and Collaboration 

Eating Disorders are gonna show up in your sessions.  Clients are going to be disconnected from their bodies and dissociate.  You want to know how to get that client unstuck and making progress but talk therapy doesn't seem to be cutting it?  

What if you could hop on a phone call and case it out with somebody who is actively practicing and has spent over 14 years honing their skill set answering those exact scenarios?

I've got you!  Let's do this grab a 1:1 consultation session with me.

Mental Health Providers

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Are you a Mental Health Provider and interested in blending yoga  practices into your sessions but not really sure where to start?  

This will be an 8 week mentoring  program where we will break down the 101 on why to bring the body into the therapy room, what the heck didn't your 200 hr RYT teach you, how to be trauma informed, different ways to structure your sessions, and ethics of adding movement into your clinical practice.

Leave feeling more confident with how to add this offering to your clinical work.

Texas CEUs will be provided as well as YA ces

Coming Spring 2024

Notify me when this opens

 Mentoring CIrcle


BUFO 202

In this lesson, you’ll l identify your needs and set some boundaries needed to help protect you against burnout. You have a full-time job and are building a business on the side - AKA the perfect set-up to push yourself too hard as you’re managing 40+ hours of amazing (but exhausting!) work.

BUFO 204

n this lesson, you’re being called in to pause and reflect on how you’re *actually* doing. It’s important to protect and nurture your energy, which will make you more resilient to burnout. You’re likely stuck between a rock and a hard place… feeling like you have one foot out the door in your full-time job but still needing to do a good job, AND working many hours outside as your side hustle inches closer to being your full-time gig.

Burnout Prevention and Recovery

Managing Burnout During Job Transition

Learn More

Learn More

Burnout Podcast Episode 

Burnout OUt 

Build your dream while protecting your energy

Hire me to speak 

Workshops. Conferences. Yoga Classes.
In-person events are my JAM, getting to see folks IRL and foster a space for education and exploration on everyone's mental health journey.

In Person 

Podcasts + Social Media Campaigns
Getting to connect with the masses is such an important way to spread the message of mental healthcare.

Virtual Connection

Blog Posts + Content Creation
Let's team up and make some magic together! I'd be happy to be a guest on your platform. You can see an example here.

Content Co-Creation

Hire Me to Speak

“Angela is so knowledgeable about the body, but especially about helping students move away from judgement and toward awareness and eventually acceptance.”

- Morgan -

"This was my second class to attend AP Counseling and Yoga, I can't even express how much I love the counselors and teachers here. You can’t find a single class like theirs anywhere else. Each class is focused on every individual and the practice carries out into my daily life. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful place to heal and open my soul. I feel at home, I highly encourage your try this place."

- Elizabeth -

- Rachel -

"First class I’ve ever been to that focused on connecting with my body , not just performance or pushing."

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