Embodied Healing

through yoga + movement

utilizing embodied techniques

to support our mental wellbeing

Our yoga + movement sessions are an accessible, embodied, and trauma-informed approach designed to be supportive of your mental health and overall wellness.

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Our yoga class series are weekly virtual or in person therapeutic yoga and movement classes that span over 4-8 weeks. These classes focus on accessible movement, trauma informed practices, and are themed to be supportive of your nervous system. If you'd like to attend these 45-minute long themed classes, you will need to purchase the whole series.

Yoga Class Series

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Individual Therapeutic Yoga + Movement sessions are an opportunity to bring an empowering, experiential component to the therapeutic experience.

Therapeutic yoga + movement offers the benefits of emotional regulation, grounding, centering techniques, somatic, strength, balance, and a sense of release.

Individual Therapeutic Yoga

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Workshop Immersions are 1-3 day immersion programs focused on : education, personal practice, discussion, reflection, and integration on body based practices that are trauma informed and free of diet culture to promote embodied healing.


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Our On Demand Studio is coming soon offers pre-recorded movement and meditation programs that are trauma informed to provide an embodied approach that integrates the mind and the body.

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Masterclasses are 1 session that lasts for 90 to 120 minutes. This specialized class focuses on deepening your practice with a specific goal in mind and include reflection and discussion.


All of our yoga is...

Aimed to provide accessible yoga
trauma informed

meet the yoga teachers

Angela Prior

Kierstin Graham


Amanda Cockerham


Trauma Informed E-RYT 500, Yoga Therapist, YACEP

It is my belief that yoga can act as a bridge to connecting the mind and body which can be a powerful tool in emotional, mental, and physical health. The experience that happens on the mat can be seen as an extension of therapy.

My classes and sessions are inclusive, trauma informed, embodied, and recovery focused.  

As a trauma informed  therapeutic yoga teacher I see the strength in empowering a person to find what feels supportive to them.  To foster their choice and experience by holding space for their curiosity and exploration vs. judgement.

I believe that this experience can begin to translate off the mat and be integral to someone's journey and recovery. 

My sessions and classes are inclusive, compassionate, and recovery focused. 

I am a therapeutic yoga and movement teacher trained in yoga, pilates, and meditation. I have been working in the mental health space for over 12 years to help people establish somatic progress in tune with their great work already done or co-occuring in counseling, nutritional, and/ or physical therapies. Syncing the body and mind paves the way for embodied health that feels like coming home. 

My classes are inclusive, trauma-informed, and designed (co-created with your help) to support all mobility needs. I believe anyone can create a sustainable-for-life movement practice by cultivating practical goals and recognizing that our needs are always shifting, dynamic, and interesting.

frequently asked questions

What does trauma-informed mean?

Trauma Informed movement practices are a practicesof choice, utilizing invitational language, facilitators have an awareness of triggering words and language, no hands on assists, takes special care and consideration of the environment, aims to be accessible, and stays within the facilitators scope of practice.

Trauma Informed movement practices are an evidence based
modality that have been found to:
Support safety
Increase vagal tone
Supports self compassion
Compliments therapy
Widens window of tolerance
Decrease feelings of anxiety
Helps with honoring boundaries
Teaches resourcing skills

What are the benefits of a trauma-informed yoga practice?

**We consider our therapeutic yoga to be an adjunct service and is not a replacement for or is mental health therapy**

Anyone can attend a yoga or movement session.

We do not verbally process, treat a diagnosis, or provide mental health counseling during the group classes, workshops, or individual sessions.

They are adjunct services to support your mental wellbeing by teaching tools to support the mind body connection, utilizing yoga philosophy, mind body centering techniques, guided meditation, visualization, and trauma informed language.

Who can attend a movement session?

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