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Yoga + Movement

Therapeutic yoga + movement offers the benefits of emotional regulation, grounding, centering techniques, somatic, strength, balance, and a sense of release. In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to express and focus on any specific needs you bring to the table. The therapeutic movement approach offers tools towards insight, embodiment, and self/emotional-regulation. Because of this, the practice can complement work you’re doing on your own or in counseling with your therapist.

Insights gained in your movement practice can be shared by you with your therapist if so desired or we can collaborate with your provider if desired.

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Individual Yoga Therapy + Movement sessions are an opportunity to bring an empowering, experiential component to the therapeutic experience.

What to expect

This is a brief consultation to answer any questions you have and learn more about each other and my approach to therapeutic yoga.

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During our first session together, we will set overall intentions for the sessions so we can develop your routine to be helpful, sustainable, and joyful.

Intake Session

A shared goal that we’ll keep in mind is that this experience is meant to empower you with integrative opportunities in health, wellness, and creativity. These are enriching skills meant for you to own and keep as yours.

Follow-Up Sessions

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Please note: For clients who are not comfortable getting onto the floor, any of this work can be adapted as a chair yoga experience. For clients who prefer to practice at home, virtual sessions are available and work really well.

These are 1:1 sessions that you can schedule as you go. They allow for the most flexibility and are a one-time commitment.

Initial Session: $145
Follow-Up Sessions: $130

Drop-In Sessions

These are 1:1 sessions and are the crowd favorite. You can purchase 4-5 sessions at a time and pre-schedule your sessions (and save money!).

New Client Packages
5 Sessions: $598.50

Returning Client Packages
5 Sessions: $468

  • 12 weekly or bi weekly 1:1 Individual Sessions
  • Focused deep work
  •  Email Follow up between sessions
  • Recordings of 6 Week TSY series

Investment:  $1,116

Savings of $614
Payment plan is avaliable

Packaged Sessions

Movement Circle

meet the yoga teachers

Amanda Cockerham

Kierstin Graham 

E-RYT 500, YACEP,  Mindful-Self Compassion Guide, Community Resiliency Model Teacher Trainer


I am an artist and inclusive therapeutic yoga + movement teacher. I spend my days exploring how creativity can work for us. I do this through my artwork and exploring the body and movement through curiosity.

I am fascinated with functional movement and finding ways to integrate movement for all levels of mobility.

 My philosophy is anyone can create a sustainable-for-life movement practice by cultivating clear self-seeing followed by recognizing in action our needs which are shifting, dynamic, and interesting.

The seed of yoga was planted early in my life. My grandma was a yoga instructor which meant we spent a lot of time in tree pose and taking breath breaks together.

My yoga practice stopped around my middle school years, I convinced myself it was boring, however I later realized I was extremely uncomfortable paying attention/connecting to my body. Asking myself to sit and notice my body was a super activating task, I did not feel connected to the wellness and relaxation stereotypes we often hear about yoga.

One day I ended up on the mat again and finally experienced a feeling of safety and relaxation. As I came out of Savasana, I knew I had to share this practice! 

I realized mindfulness and regulation can be found through many wellness skills. I began to deepen my knowledge in other areas of wellness/mindfulness like the community resiliency model and mindful self compassion, so I could support individuals in creating their own wellness toolbelt.

You already have a therapist and are looking to add on a somatic and experiential component to your work.

You are wanting to explore trauma-informed movement.

You want to cultivate a sustainable movement practice free from diet culture and shame.

You are looking to experience movement without judgment.

You are curious about how embodiment can support your healing.

You have Saturday Morning availability only

You Want to connect local in Dallas or virtually

You already have a therapist and are looking to add on a somatic and experiential component to your work.

You are wanting to add on trauma sensitive yoga as a modality to your treatment work 

 You are open to exploring through the lens of curiosity

You are open to exploring self-compassion

You are interested in Mindful Movement

You are interested in connecting virtually M-F day or evenings.

We'd be a good fit if...

We'd be a good fit if...

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Kierstin's Pricing Guide

All of our yoga is...

Aimed to provide accessible yoga
trauma informed

“Angela is so knowledgeable about the body, but especially about helping students move away from judgement and toward awareness and eventually acceptance.”

- Morgan -

"This was my second class to attend AP Counseling and Yoga, I can't even express how much I love the counselors and teachers here. You can’t find a single class like theirs anywhere else. Each class is focused on every individual and the practice carries out into my daily life. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful place to heal and open my soul. I feel at home, I highly encourage your try this place."

- Elizabeth -

- Rachel -

"First class I’ve ever been to that focused on connecting with my body , not just performance or pushing."

testimonials from our yoga warriors

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