The COmpassion Circle

Community + Connection

The Compassion Circle

This is a 60 minute Sangha/community circle for helpers: therapists, social workers, dietitians, medical professionals, teachers, and more. (Really anyone who is helping in a professional setting)

 This group is ideal for the helper who is depleted and feeling the toll of compassion of fatigue and burn out who is looking to share in community and restoration of their nervous system.

 The demands of holding space for others while sharing a collective trauma for the past 2 years has impacted us helpers in unique and unprecedented ways. I know I have felt it strongly and whenever I am in community of other helpers, they share a similar experience.

Monthly Virtual Circle
Every 4th Monday from February -November 2022

Here's what our time will look like together...

Each Sangha will start with setting the Intention of the theme of the gathering. Each gathering will led from a trauma informed lens and will aim to provide accessible movement options for the members. 

A 30-40 minute guided meditation, breath work, and/or gentle movement will be offered that will be designed to flow with the monthly them.

The following 30-20 minutes will be opportunity to foster connection and sharing. Giving us a time as helpers and healers to come together to be heard and held.

Monthly Themes

4th Monday
Feburary -November 

• February – Self- Compassion + inner caregiver
• March- Grief
• April – Grounding
• May-Collective Trauma
• June- Boundaries 
• July-Self Compassion + Common Humanity 
• August- Feeling the Feels
• September- Rest and Grounding
• October- Inner Strength 
• November – Self-Compassion + Mindfulness

Our monthly Compassion Circle Sangha will happen the 4th Monday of every Month at 7:00pm Central time starting February -November 2022.

The class will be taught via zoom

How to Participate

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$11.25 a class 
$112.50 for all 10

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$15 a class

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frequently asked questions

What if I have never done yoga or meditation before?

Our yoga and meditations aim to be accessible meaning we teach with making yoga shapes accessible to your body. We do that through utilizing chairs and yoga supports that allow you to experience the practice best designed for your body. That also means teaching to someone who is new to a yoga practice. If you have specific concerns we recommend reaching out to the yoga teacher directly and discussing them prior to a session.

What is Sangha?

Sangha is a Sanskirt word meaning community.  And often is referred to as a gathering of individuals to provide community.

Who can Attend?

If you are a helper in a professional setting than sangha is for you. This isn't group therapy and we will not be treating a diagnosis or verbally processing.  

What you can expect is a education on compassion fatigue, somatic practices, and peer support

Meet the Facilitator

Angela Prior


Founder of AP Counseling + Yoga

I have a passion for the helpers. Maybe it's because I'm a helper and I've felt burned out and compassion fatigued and I just get how horrible that is. 


You help and care give for everybody else.  Now is your time to help and care for you.

The Compassion Circle Sangha is an opportunity to experience community + connection once a month with other helpers and yourself.  To breath, meditate, move, share, and listen.  To be in community + connection.