EMbodied Yoga 

For Eating Disorder Recovery



Saturday June 15, 2024

Virtual or In-Person in Dallas, TX

Early Bird Pricing ends May 1st
$150 for in person
$100 for virtual

regular pricing is $200 in person and $250 virtual 

Do these statements sound familiar? Eating disorders and disordered eating are an experience of disembodiment. They foster experiences of judging, fighting, and leaving your body. 

Recovery work is no joke. It’s hard AF. Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating are well documented to cause a disruption between the mind and the body. Impacted by both internal and external factors.

Body based practices can act as a treatment bridge between the mind and the body. Bringing your body into your recovery.

 This workshop will consist of embodied body based practices such as mat yoga, movement, and breathwork to awaken our internal and external connections. 

Bringing your body into your recovery.


I feel so disconnected.
I don’t know what I feel.
I hate noticing my body.

Here's what our time will look like together...

This workshop will be 3.5 hour of embodied, trauma-informed, body-based practices, education, and self-reflection taught with both an in-person or virtual option to join. Our in person option will be taught in a small group format with limited spots available.  

We will provide a morning snack for in person attendees.

We do require that you are working with either a registered dietitian or mental therapist. As this is not mental health therapy or a replacement for mental health therapy. This is an education and experiential adjunct service.

You will receive a workbook with a copy of slides and journal prompts. For in-person attendees, you’ll receive a hard copy of the workbook as well as snacks and refreshments.

Including mat yoga and breathing exercises

Experiential Practices

Embodiment and its role in recovery.


Reflective journaling prompts to further explore and process your experience


Ways to integrate embodiment practices into your life that are supportive of recovery.


  •  Intention Setting
  • Grounding breath work
  • Gentle trauma-informed embodied mat yoga practice
  • *Morning Snack- snack will be provided for in person*
  • Introduction to interoception, exteroception, and proprioception
  • Journaling prompts for self reflection
  • Embodied meditation, including a body scan
  • Ways to integrate embodiment into your recovery work
  • Restorative yoga practice

Saturday June 15, 2024



This is an educational and experiential yoga + movement workshop and is not mental health therapy. This workshop is for educational purposes and serves as an adjunct service for any mental health work you may be doing. We will not be assessing, diagnosing, or treating.

Is this therapy?

If you identify as someone in recovery from disordered eating or an eating disorder and you are looking to build your knowledge and increase your embodied awareness through yoga and movement. You need to be medically stable and we require that you have a therapist and/or a registered dietitian you are working with.

Who can attend the workshop?

Our yoga and meditations aim to be accessible meaning we teach by making yoga shapes accessible to your body utilizing supports.

This will be a mat yoga class specifically. Range of motion and ability that allows for getting down and up from the flow will be needed. A chair version of this program is in development.

What if I have never done yoga or meditation before?

We understand that treatment and care for an Eating Disorder is expensive. Which is why we will be offering 1 pro bono virtual spot if you are experiencing financial hardship.  Please email us at admin@angelaprior.com to learn more

Financial Hardships and Scholarships

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Angela Prior


It is Angela's belief that yoga can act as a bridge to to connecting the mind and body which can be a powerful tool in emotional, mental, and physical health

The experience that happens on the mat can be seen as an extension of therapy. Angela is also a trauma informed teacher and believes in the power of language, embodiment, and consent in her teaching. 

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