Rain Meditation

For Uncomfortable Feelings


September 14, 2024
10-11:15am CST

Offered In-Person and Virtually

The feeling paradox is the more we try to resist a feeling the longer the feeling lasts and when you allow a feeling you get to move through it quicker. How the heck do you do that? Especially when a feeling is uncomfortable and maybe even triggering. The practice of RAIN is a mindfulness and self compassion based practice to help you sit with uncomfortable feelings and be.

RAIN is an acronym for

Investigate with Kindness
Nurture with Compassion

Here's what our time will look like together...

 In this 75 minute practice Angela will guide you through 15 minutes of education on RAIN, 10 minutes of grounding breathwork, 30 minutes of guided meditation, and closing with journaling prompts reflection. For this workshop you will be asked to identify a mildly uncomfortable emotion with an experience that was not intense so to work on.

  This practice will also be trauma informed which means no hand adjustments instead using sandbags and other supportive props to find a different physical experience in the class. Angela is also an eating disorder informed teacher so this class will use language and awareness to manage body triggers.

This class will be taught in small group format (4 students max in studio) in person and live streamed via google meet and the instructor will be the only one recorded and the playback will be emailed out to you for unlimited access.

This is a non refundable event if you cancel you will not be refunded

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Angela Prior


It is Angela's belief that yoga can act as a bridge to to connecting the mind and body which can be a powerful tool in emotional, mental, and physical health

The experience that happens on the mat can be seen as an extension of therapy. Angela is also a trauma informed teacher and believes in the power of language, embodiment, and consent in her teaching. 

Meet the teacher

This is an educational and experiential yoga + movement workshop and is not mental health therapy. This workshop is for educational purposes and serves as an adjunct service for any mental health work you may be doing. We will not be assessing, diagnosing, or treating.

Is this therapy?

Our Masterclasses are open to anyone.  We do encourage that you are working with your own mental health therapist as a movement class or workshop is not a replacement for therapy

Who can attend the workshop?

Our yoga and meditations aim to be accessible meaning we teach by making yoga shapes accessible to your body utilizing supports.

This will be a mat yoga class specifically. Range of motion and ability that allows for getting down and up from the flow will be needed. A chair version of this program is in development.

What if I have never done yoga or meditation before?

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