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embodied practices to 

Support your Wellness on the Go

Our On Demand  Wellness Studio provides embodied wellness + movement practices and programs on the go that are trauma informed support for your mental health and overall wellness. 

We can not separate our bodies and our minds we are integrated beings so let's start looking at our wellness that way! 

Let's bring our mental health into the practice.

All of our programss are...

Aimed to be accessible 
trauma informed
Theraputic Movement

Here's what our time can look like together...

 Virtual Wellness Studio

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Our APCY Virtual Wellness Studio offers On Demand  movement and meditation programs  that are trauma informed to provide a holistic approach to wellness that integrates the mind and the body.

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Breath Work


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frequently asked questions

What is Embodied?

What is Trauma Informed?

Benefits of a Trauma Informed Movement Pratice?

Pricing Options?

Length of a class or session?

When embodied, we are living in and from the body. The body and the mind are interconnected.

We can't separate them so why should our wellness practices be any different? By connecting trauma informed and centering practices with our movement we get to experience an embodied experience.

Embodied is getting to experience our body as a home vs having a body, judging the Body fighting the body, and leaving the body

Trauma Informed movement practices is a practice of choice, utilizing invitational language, has an awareness of triggering words and language, no hands on assists, takes special care and consideration of the environment, aims to be accessible, and stays within the facilitators scope of practice.

Trauma Informed movement practices are an evidence based modality have been found to
-support safety
- increase vagal tone
-supports self compassion
-compliments therapy
-widens window of telerance
-decrease feelings of anxiety
-helps with honoring boundaries
-teaches resourcing skills

You can purchase individual programs that interest you starting at $29.  

Our programs are 4-8 sessions long ranging from 5 to 60 minutes in length.  Our goal is to provide a variety of options. 

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How Often are Programs Added

New Programs are developed and added on a monthly. We are currently building our library.

meet the  teachers

Angela Prior


Amanda Cockerham


It is Angela's belief that yoga holds the special key to unlocking the mind and body connection which can be a powerful tool in emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The experience that happens on the mat can be seen as an extension of therapy. Angela is also a trauma informed teacher and believes in the power of language and consent in her teaching. She teaches from a HAES approach.

Amanda is an artist and inclusive therapeutic yoga teacher. She spends her days exploring how creativity can work for us. She does this through her artwork and exploring the body and movement through curiosity. Amanda is an inclusive teacher who cares about yoga for all mobility kinds and believes anyone can create a sustainable-for-life movement practice by cultivating clear self-seeing followed by recognizing in action our needs which are shifting, dynamic, and interesting.

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“Angela is so knowledgeable about the body, but especially about helping students move away from judgement and toward awareness and eventually acceptance.”

- Morgan -

"This was my second class to attend AP Counseling and Yoga, I can't even express how much I love the counselors and teachers here. You can’t find a single class like theirs anywhere else. Each class is focused on every individual and the practice carries out into my daily life. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful place to heal and open my soul. I feel at home, I highly encourage your try this place."

- Elizabeth -

- Rachel -

"First class I’ve ever been to that focused on connecting with my body , not just performance or pushing."

testimonials from our yoga warriors